San Gorgonio Mountain Climbing

This Lux Trekking adventure was to the Mt. San Gorgonio, also known as “Old Greyback”, the highest mountain in Southern California at 11,500ft. This challenging and scenic trekking adventure provides beautiful views for SoCal mountain climbers. Be prepared for a challenging 10 mile hike through the gorgeous foliage of San Gorgonio.

Like most other peaks in the Transverse Ranges, the summit is a technically easy class 1 hike. Several trails lead to the broad summit of San Gorgonio Mountain, which rises a few hundred feet (100 m) above the tree line. Most routes are very strenuous and require well over 4,000 feet (1,200 m) of elevation gain.

San Gorgonio is a local favorite spot for Lux Adventure founder Lloyd Charton. The journey to the summit usually has real no serious potential danger for the experienced trekker, but due to heavy snow fall this trip to San Gorgonia proved to be a whole different story.

Photos from this adventure

San Gorgonia

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