Mt Mckinley – Trekking Alsaka

Lux Adventures teams up with Mountain Trip to reach the top of Mt Mckinley in Denali National Park. This is a expert only trekking adventure and requires proficiency in glacier travel, crevasse rescue and expedition camping skills.

Mt Denali also known as Mt McKinley located in Denali National Park is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,321 feet above sea level. At some 18,000 feet, the base-to-peak rise is considered the highest of any mountain situated entirely above sea level.

The local Koyukon people who inhabit the area around Denali National Park have referred to the summit as “Denali” for centuries. Although in 1896, a gold prospector named it “Mt McKinley” in support of then-presidential candidate William McKinley; that name was the official name recognized by the United States government from 1917 until 2015. In August 2015, following the 1975 lead of the state of Alaska, the U.S. Department of the Interior changed of the official name back to Denali.

Denali has two significant summits: the South Summit is the higher one, while the North Summit has an elevation of 19,470 ft and a prominence of approximately 1,270 ft. The North Summit is sometimes counted as a separate peak and sometimes not; it is rarely climbed, except by those doing routes on the north side of the massif.

Five large glaciers flow off the slopes of the Denali National Park. The Peters Glacier lies on the northwest side of the massif, while the Muldrow Glacier falls from its northeast slopes. Just to the east of the Muldrow, and abutting the eastern side of the massif, is the Traleika Glacier. The Ruth Glacier lies to the southeast of the mountain, and the Kahiltna Glacier leads up to the southwest side of the mountain.

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