Antarctica – Vinson Massif

It’s in our blood, calling to us in our dreams, we are created for adventure.

In memory of the one and only “Lloydie”:   Stella and family would like to share Lux Adventurers’ Final Post.

The “Antarctica Movie” — many thanks to Michael Miller for his brilliant work on this and the entire Lux Adventurer Series.

Few can reach so deep into their own heart, to tap into their essence as a human being and as a spiritual being.  It takes vast amounts of courage to embrace our true identity and to live accordingly.

Husband, Dad, Brother, Grandpa, Friend, Colleague, Attorney at Law, Captain, Lux Adventurer, Mountaineer.

We will always love and cherish the gift you gave to us in this world…Yourself, Lloyd “Lloydie” Charton  –  One with the mountain!

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